How much does it cost:

Standard price for 1 lane is 70 ron. Each lane can have a maximum of 4 people.

If you are a group bigger than 4 you will have to book a second lane.

We have 3 lanes so we can have up to 12 players at once in our Arena.

The breakdown is:

  • 4 players = 17.5 ron per person
  • 3 players = 23.3 ron per person
  • 2 players = 35   ron per person
  • 1 player   = 70 ron


How can pay for  axe throwing?

You will pay cash or card at our reception in Strada Balcesti, 9 (in the basement) and you will be given a receipt. With the receipt you will be allowed in the Axe Arena.

For bigger groups, special events and more hours payment must be done in advance either by bank wire, Paypal or at reception.

What is the maximum number of people that can book?

For bigger groups we can reserve the whole arena but we will split the party into smaller groups of 12. This is for everyone`s security and comfort.

How can I book an axe throwing session?

You can book with the booking widget here in the site,

By email at info@axebucharest.com

By phone at +40 21 367 4912

At our reception in Strada Balcesti, 9 (reception in in the basement)


Is there an age limit for this activity?


People under 16 are not admitted in the target area and are not allowed to touch the axes.

People aged 16 and 17 can be admitted in special circumstances based on the judgment of the supervisor.


What can be reasons of exclusion?

Alcohol or drug intoxication, aggressive attitude.


Right of admission is granted by the person supervising the session.

Supervisor can stop the session and evict the players for breaking security rules or for any other behavior or action deemed not proper.

We can and will select our clientele.


What should I wear and what should I bring?


There are no requirements. We advise something comfortable.

We will give discounts in the first weeks for who comes with a special costume and posts it with a `check-in` on Facebook

All necessary equipment will be in the Arena.

You can bring your own music: we have speakers so you can throw Axes to your favorite band!

What is the waiver that I need to sign?

The waiver you will sign states that you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, that you accept to be liable and take responsibility for any damage or injury suffered by you or other people in the course of the weapon throwing session. This document is legally binding.




  • Arena: one set of axe throwing targets.
  • Lane: one target setup from protection to bulls eye.
  • Perimeter Fencing: what separates throwers from spectators.
  • Fencing: chain link fencing to separate the lanes from one another as well as the spectator area.
  • Target: 90 x 90 cm round: boards screwed to a backboard comprising four point areas.
  • Backboard: plywood backing to support and mount target boards.
  • Distance to target: depending on your weapon. For Axes it is 4,5 meters
  • Hide: a wooden security booth that marks the position reference for all throwers and acts as lower limbs protection.
  • Fault Line: the area located between hide and target that players and spectators are not permitted to cross (including while throwing) until both thrower complete their throw.

Equipment Terminology:

  1. Axe: technically a hatchet used in all standard competition
  2. Head: the metal blade portion of the axe.

Competition Terminology:​

  1. Match: also sometimes referred to as a game, is set of three rounds totaling 15 throws.
  2. Round: one set of 5 throws, three of these make up a match, sometimes referred to as a game.
  3. Drop: an axe that does not remain sticking in the target, and falls out before being retrieved, resulting in 0 points.
  4. Out of reach: a match or round that can not be won by any throw value
  5. Perfect Round: occurs in which all 5 throws are bulls-eyes, totaling 25 points.
  6. Points: there are 4 circles. Bulls eye is red and has a value of 5, the next rounds in order have 4, 3 and 2.


Throwing is only allowed under staff supervision.

No touching the fence or the hide, no feet on the security block under the target.

No throwing any weapon when anyone is near any of the targets.

Strictly 1 person and 1 axe per lane.

When the staff blows in the whistle or shouts STOP you put the weapons on the floor and do not move.

Dont move from the hide until the weapon is either in the wall or on the floor.

Ninja stars and throwing knifes require extra safety so all 3 fault lines must be empty while throwing.

  1. Axe must be wooden handled,
    1. Axe must be sheathed when not throwing;​
    2. Only one player and 1 axe per lane at once permitted in the arena;
    3. Do not approach the target until the axes is either in the wood or on the ground;
    4. Sound isolating devices are not permitted; e.g. including, but not limited to headphones and earplugs.
  2. Handling the axe
    1. Carrying: Hold the axe down by your side, with the axe head down, and being held by the handle.
  3. Pre-Throwing Visual Inspection
    1. Check that nobody is behind or in the throwing lane
    2. Cage: No holes, gaps or breaks in chain-link.
    3. Axes:
      1. Heads are tight;
      2. Handles are not splintered or weakened;
      3. Edges are sharp, but not excessively sharp.
    4. Facilities and Equipment
      1. Minimum axe length of 40cm including head;
      2. Throwing area partitioned from spectators;
      3. No person to approach target while axes are being thrown unless separated by floor to ceiling partition reaching at least 15’ outward from adjacent target(s).
    5. First Aid Standards: Every throwing Arena must have a fully stocked first aid kit.


  1. Target Rings
    1. The centre of the bullseye sits in the centre of the middle. Bullseye is round with a 22cm diameter
      1. Second ring is 44cm in diameter;
      2. Third ring is 66cm in diameter;
      3. 4th ring is 88cm in diameter
    2. If measured from the floor, the centre of the bullseye should sit 160 cm from the floor;