Corporate team building

Companies are always looking for new, fun and exiting team building activities.

Did you ever hear anything better than Axe Throwing with your colleagues… no better way to bond with your coworkers!

We have the perfect setup for hosting companies no matter how many people want to join: we have a pub and an outdoor area that can host over 100 people. While groups go into the Arena to familiarize them self with Axes, Knifes and ninja stars the rest can enjoy a drink at the bar or a game of ping pong (table tennis), Foosball, darts or card games.

We have a sound system in case you wanted to plug in your own playlist and a huge tv where you can put your firm logo or rotating pictures of the participants.

Our staff will train you and can also organize a tournament (single or team league) to see which our you wins this new challenge.

Whether your are a small firm or a huge corporation you must bring your employees to our Axe Throwing Arena!

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