What’s included in the Bucharest Axe Throwing Experience?

Not only Axes... we have knifes, ninja stars and we are planning to include other weapons too. Indoor facilities that include a bar with darts, foosball, table tennis and much more! PRICE is 70 ron per lane per hour (1 axe, 1 target). Up to 4 people can join for this price and time. If 4 people join its 17.5 ron per person.

We train you

We will ensure that you’re ready to hurl axes and watch the wood explode as you nail the bullseye.

We show you the rules

In order to ensure you know what the Bucharest axe throwing experience will look like, you have to know some rules.

We practice

Practice makes perfection. The more you throw axes the better you become.

We send you to battle prepared

After the security briefing and a fast advise on this sport you are handed an axe and you are ready to unleash the Berserk in you.

Birthday parties

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Special Occasions & Events

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Corporate team building

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Bachelor / Bachelorette parties

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Fun day out

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X Hostel & Pub - House of Axes

After the huge success of Escape Rooms another new adventure is about to start: Axe throwing Bucharest! It is the first business of its kind in Bucharest and Romania. In a safe and professional environment we will train you in this sport of skill and instinct. Feel like a Viking and unleash your stress. Who doesn't desire to hurl Axes, Knifes and Ninja stars? Come play by our Dacian Rules and be part of a cultural activity like no other!

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Step 01

Place both hands firmly on the axe. Make sure the blade is perfectly straight.


Step 02

Bring the axe back, over your head. Lean back.


Step 03

Bring the axe forward in a fast motion and release with your arms extended forward.


We want to make this a regular sport so we need enthusiasts to come once a week to play in our tournament. There will be a joining fee and a prize for the winner. We will also have a team league once we will have more regular players. Limited availability.